Boulevard- Dan Byrd

I don't know why, You say goodbye

Just let me know you didn't go forever my love

Please tell me why, You make me cry

I beg you please all my money if that what you want me too

Never knew that it would go so far

Why you love me you let boulevard

Come again you would release my pain

And we could be lover again

Just one more chance, Another dance

And let me feel if isn't real that I've been loosing you

This sound will arrive, Within your eyes

Come back to me and we will be happy together

Maybe today, I'll make you stay

A little while just for a smile and love together

For I will show, A place I know

In Tokyo where we could be happy together

~sumber :

Noah Lirik Video

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4 komentar:

  • Aulawi Ahmad says:
    29 Mei 2010 22.55

    how to make u stay in my heart :)

  • Naila says:
    29 Mei 2010 23.35

    like this song...

    kunjungan balik,^^

  • etha says:
    30 Mei 2010 08.21

    lagu nya keren ^^

  • Elsa says:
    1 Juni 2010 13.28

    liriknya lebih keren ah

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